Saturday, June 16, 2007

Festa Junina

A traditional cultural festival on June 15th in Rosario da Limeira like hundreds of others held during this time of year throughout Brazil. Complete with music, line dancing (square dance type), hot Quintao (alcoholic cider), bonfire, pork rinds and more.
The crew upon arrival in Limeira heading to Junior's house to leave Lucy and Gustavo's bags as they were traveling the next day.
All dressed up in their festa best with pigtails and plaid.
Some traditional dancing with cowboy/girl getups and all.
Boots, jeans and cowboy hats.
Gustavo getting his groove on.
Jeh getting down with his bad self.
Lucy and Jeh playing "pull my finger" with Marlon looking on in shock and Matthieu "dancing" in the background:)
The crew (minus Lucy). Matieu, Jeh, Bobby and I in the back row and Marlon and Gustavo in front.
Marlon and Daiane shaking what their mammas gave them!
Once last dance for Lucy and Joao.
Matt, Matthew, Mathieu, Mateus or Frenchy cutting a rug.
The boy on the right liked taking pictures and having his picture taken.
Gustavo, Bobby and Matieu hamming it up for the cam.
More "forro". This is not what people normally wear.
Where are all the guys?
This was a pic of the performers on the stage before I got invited up to photograph not really the best vantage point.
This was a larger crowd in Rosario da Limeira then I had seen at Carnival.
Women do seem to outnumber guys or maybe it is just that the guys wanted to drink and not dance.
Burn baby burn.
A toast to great friends.
I was invited up on stage to take pictures. I am not sure if it was because I was the tall gringo or because I had the nicest camera at the festa but either way it was cool to get pics of the performers and audience from above the crowd.
Saying goodbye to a good friend is never easy so it was nice to get this photo a few hours before Lucy and I had to say bye. Shinning happy people everywhere!

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