Sunday, June 17, 2007

Casa de Barro and nearby scenary.

In a magestic valley far far away lives a simple and good people who live off the land and work hard to survive. To outsiders their life is romantic and fascinating and touring this incredible area to see the lovely landscapes complete with magnificant mountains, sweeping skies, wild waters, friendly folks and beautiful beasts brings pleasure to visitors. If you want to come remember that the only thing you should take with you is the memories.The approach to Robin and Binka's house called "Casa de Barro" which in English means House of Mud/Clay.
This picture was taken in early August when it had only rained once in the previous two months and thus you see a lot of dry and barren ground and wilting plants.
Once you come though the main entrance you are between the library/living room with high arching ceilings.
Facing the library/livingroom with my back to the kitchen and door to my right I took this picture. You can see the "Portuguese" tile around the arch of the ceiling and running up the left side.
A view into the kitchen from the courtyard.The courtyard which is surrounding on four sides by the house.
This door might look short but in fact it is probably 10 feet at its highest point.
Starting to feel more like a castle now?
Who wouldn't want to have this view out the living room of their house?
Some more cool tile on either side of the front door.
Time to head home.
Red, green and blue my favorite colors in the rain forest.
If you think getting your ear pierced with a piece of plastic is bad enough you should see the numbers (brands) burned into the heads of these little guys.
Curious? Robin told me that each calf, cow, bull is different and that there is always at least one in every herd that is a trouble maker and is constantly trying to escape. They even have to tie wood to these adventuresome ones to keep them from getting out of the pen and running off.
If you think this is lovely you should see the real thing!
If I could I would make my home in this tree to so that I could hang out and see these awesome views day and night.

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